Chinese Wechat wallet: activation, add new bank card and using.
1. Be sure, what you already link chinese phone number to Wechat account, wich also linked to Bank contract when you get UnionPay card.
2. If you cannot see Wechat wallet: try change language to chinese and back or ask somebody send to you 0,01 rmb.
3. Follow the instructions below:
4. Create and enter the payment password from 6 digits to access Wechat Pay. This password you will always use when making payments with Wechat wallet.
5. Input your name and family name axactly like in cotract with chinese bank. It must be written together.
For example: Aleksandriurlov or iurlovaleksandr
6. Manually enter your UnionPay card number (better not use scan).
its possible connect only UnionPay released ONLY in Chinese Bank.
Mastercard you Visa you cann add, but wechat wallet feature will not work!
Wechat wallet2
Wechat wallet3
7. When you put ID, choose foreign passport. Put yout passport number axactly like in bank cotract.
If all data correct, you vill get sms code for verification your mobile phone. Input this sms. Ready! Card linked.
Now you can:
– transfer money from your bank card UnionPay to Wechat wallet and back
– send money to other Wechat users and send Lucky money (red packets)
– to pay bill of your chinese mobile phone, taxi and etc.
Any questions about Wechat?
Wechat id: iurlov

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