Wechat officially presented South Africa
Official account in wechat id: wechatit
Official facebook page Wechat South Africa: https://www.facebook.com/WeChatSouthAfrica
Official facebook page Wechat Nigeria: https://www.facebook.com/wechatnigeria
Official facebook page Wechat Angola: www.facebook.com/wechatangola
Official facebook page Wechat Kenya: www.facebook.com/wechatkenya
Official facebook page Wechat Ghana: www.facebook.com/wechatghana
wechat id: wechatafrica
Kenya wechat id: wechatke
Nigeria wechat id: wechatng
Ghana wechat id: wechatghana
The biggest invesments company in the world – Naspers – from South Africa, so step to grow Wechat in Africa very logic.
Also Wechat South Africa have own Wechat wallet with partnership Standart bank and their system Snapscan More info: www.wechat.co.za/wallet
We recommend good web-site about Wechat in South Africa www.welovewechat.com
Picup – delivery service in South Africa link
Any questions about Wechat?
Wechat id: iurlov

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