Wechat + ibeacon tag bluetooth tracker for Wechat Shake function.
What is this article about?
Let’s first understand the concepts.
1. Wechat — all knowns application.
2. ibeacon is a technology of data transfer via Bluetooth
3. Bluetooth ibeacon device tag. Wechat offers 15 certified vendors. Price from 30 to 100 rmb for each. We are using this:
4. Wechat Shake feature in Wechat. Includes 5 sub-functions:
— shake while watching Chinese TV channels.
— shake aka Shazam for music search
— shake to find people who also using Shake
— shake to search for coupons
— shake to search for official accounts with special offers
How to use last feature if you just normal Wechat user?
1. Make sure that Bluetooth in your smartphone turn on.
2. Open Wechat (menu should be in English or Chinese language and select Shake — Stream (the icon with antenna)
3. Shake in a 50-metre radius from the ibeacon tag (event place, the store, etc.). Here’s an example of what happens next:
If you have 100 ibeacon tags, the radius of each those who “Shake” will find your official account and your offer (wechat coupon).
How to configure this feature if you are the owner of Wechat official account? Need to have service official account. Contact us, we will help to configure.

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