How to make promotion in Wechat?
Do you want to sell your good or services in Wechat? Ok!
If its not services, be sure what your goods in stock in China already.
The main thing – its tools of promotion in Wechat:
– QR code(personal account, official account, Wechat groups, Weidian shop)
– link (to page on web-site, to official account, to Wechat shop or to Weidian shop)
– picture
– Gif picture with your advertising
– text. Just text with web-site link
There are all ways:

  1. through your personal accont. Add people, post advertising in “Moments”
  2. through Wechat group
  3. through official account
  4. through Wechat shop

Any questions about Wechat?
Wechat id: iurlov

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