Wechat official account – its platform which allows you: be blogger, be newsmaker, sell goods, support clients, connect and manage devices and etc
In Wechat already registered 10 million official accounts!
There are 3 types of Wechat official account: subsribe, service and corporate.
Some examples of Wechat official accounts:
How to find some official accounts:
1. Search in Wechat
2. In advertisment (Tv, shops, internet)
3. More 100 QR codes on our web-site
Wechat official account possible to manage in web-site
https://admin.wechat.com/ – for foreign Wechat official accounts
https://mp.weixin.qq.com/ – fo chinese Wechat official accounts
Official presentation of Wechat official accounts there:
We help to register and setup Wechat official account!
Price 2000 rmb for Subscribe official account.
Price including registration (to your or our chinese company) and first setup (logo, id, intro, welcome message, menu)

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