Information about wechat groups
What is it – Wechat group?
Wechat groups in Wechat – its wechat users community for interest.
U can find and join or create own wechat group for hobby, work, for any interest.
Wechat group can have only 1 admin (group owner)
As admin of wechat group u can: add more people or delete them, change name of group, make group notice for all members, transfer your admin status to other member.
Types of wechat groups

There are 2 types of Wechat groups: public and privat.
Wechat group can have from 3 to  500 members.
If group more than 40 members, you friend must confirm (or dicline) your invitation.
If group less than 100 members, you can make promotion of this group with QR code.
If group less than 100 members, any member can change name of this group.
If wechat group have more than 100 members, QR code not work anymore, need invite to ths group directly.
How to join?
How t invite your friends to wechat group?
How to make promotion of your own wechat group?
Any questions about Wechat?
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