Wechat offers 2 types of bonus programs for followers of official accounts (brands and stores)
1. Wechat coupons – one-time discount of product or service
2. Wechat membership card is a virtual discount card with the cumulative discount at several levels.
An example we found Wechat coupon below. As you can see Wechat coupon you can share with a friend.
Also we found membership cards of BreadTalk shop:
All your coupons and cards are stacked there: – “Me” – “Card and offers”.
Main question: how and where to find them?
Not easy to find yet, because not a lot of brands using this in their marketing. However, most often coupons and cards can be found in official accounts. Below are examples of the coupon and card. Scan QR codes and you will understand everything. Surely this will be your first Coupon and Membership card in your Wechat
How to make Wechat Membership card for your subscribers? You need to have a Chinese company and Wechat Pay feature in the official account, adjusted for withdrawals to this company + third-party Wechat CRM. Wechat coupons setup much easier and faster. Contact us, we will help to configure everything
Any questions about Wechat?
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