Wechat connected smart devices.
1 July 2014, Wechat announced the IT platform to help the developers: fitness, trackers, bracelets and other devices to manage them directly from Wechat.
The program immediately became involved 4 companies: ihealth devices for measuring АМ3, Codoon, Mambo and bonbon (Lifesense) plus smartphone Huawei with Honor brand. Then more and more companies start produce Wechat connected smart devices.
Here is an example: printer icon (www.welomo.com)
Use wechat official account for send your photo to printer!
Then Apple introduced the Apple watch with Wechat app and there you go: many Chinese fitness trackers and wristbands were used to support Wechat official accounts.
As manufacturer of TVs, TCL created control panel of the TV in Wechat.
But these guys went even further: Ayla Networks has made a smart control room in the LINQ hotel and casino (presentation was on 9 January 2015 at the international exhibition of consumer electronics 2015) Official account network: Caesarentertainment
From Wechat official account possible to control the lighting, curtains, TV, air conditioning, coffee machine, thermostat.
Also at the same show was presented – Wechat Robot named Ben for presentation of hotel LINQ. Guests could open Wechat official account and write there to him questions, and Ben immediately a voice answered them. The same robot shows interesting places for dinner and nightlife, not far from the hotel.
Mon-Mon is Very famous chinese toy with Wechat control (official account WeChat ID: idandanman) from company Dan Dan Man (旦旦面)
Uses a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-fi for connect to Wechat.
Parents can send voice messages, English or bedtime stories directly on this toy to play, while the parents are outside at work. Price of toy 299 yuan.
The website jd.com (Tencent the owner Wechat and also co-owner of this site) announced a special section on the website with devices that support Wechat.
Also Wechat created web-site http://iot.weixin.qq.com/
Also Wechat created Wechat official account about iot devices (Wechat id: wx_things) with JD shop inside
At the moment, supposedly 2400 manufacturers have joined this platform and has produced more than 25 million smart devices with Wechat support.
Any questions about Wechat?
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