Tencent Holding Ltd (腾讯) chinese company, the owner of a lot of internet services in China.
The company was founded in 1998. Office located in Shenzhen city. Since 16 june 2004 company held IPO and is listed on the stock exchange in Hong Kong. Below the stock quotes Tencent. Wow! Explosive growth!
БезымянныйTencent services and projecs:
QQ – legend chinese messenger, which use ever second chinese.
QQ Zone – social network
Tencent weibo – social network
Pengyou (朋友) – social network
QQ Music – very popular chinese music service
QQ Video – videohosting very popular in China v.qq.com
Wechat (Weixin) – social network!
Soso (搜搜) – chinese searching engine, have share 3.5% of chinese market
Tencent Traveler (TT) Chinese web browser
Foxmail – chinese email client
QQ mail – chinese email client
Tencent Weiyun – cloud service for all people
Tencent the owner of Riot Games and Epic Games.
Payment services of Tencent:
Q Coins – internal currency for QQ services
PaiPai.com, website auction C2C (ebay)
Wechat pay
iTQQ, first shinese Smart TV, in partnership with TCL
Tencent PC manager – antivirus for Windows.
Recently, Tencent released a children’s smart watch QQ Watch and developing own VR helmet.
Also Tencent have 15% share of JD.com
Link to overview of office building Tencent in Shenzhen
Any questions about Wechat?
Wechat id: iurlov

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