Attention! The performance of the chips depends on:
from the operating system (Android or iOS) and version of the system
— language (it is better to change the interface language to Chinese)
1. Secret menu for data recovery.
Click add new contact
Search code :recover
You will be taken to the Wechat data recovery menu (in chinese)
2. Service codes of Wechat includes advanced features
Find the folder File transfer in the main chat menu.
Further write requests as send messages.
//multiwebview — turn on multi-tasking in Wechat. Now you can open 2 Windows: 1 for example the chat window, 2-nd window — article
//pickpoi — get your location
//setshakecarddata — turn on a new feature “Coupons” in “Shake”. Cancel function //clearshakecarddata
//sosomap — switch Google maps to Tencent Maps
//googlemap — switch Tencent Maps to google maps
Looks like didn’t work on Android, but in iphone ok. Did you do it? Write to us.
//sightinfo — includes submenu in the video
//fullexit — fully closes Wechat. For login again to Wechat need to password.
//traceroute — to obtain the connection information
//switchnotificationstatus — includes pop-up notifications
There are more than 109 service codes. But only some usefull.
Any questions about Wechat?
Wechat id: iurlov

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