There are 3 types of Wechat official account: subsribe, service and corporate.
Now we will tell you about 1 type.
Subscribe official account Wechat (订阅号 – ding yue hao)
– possible register to chinese id or to company (chinese or foreign)
– there are 3 types of subscribe official account: personal, business and business with verification
– you can post broadcast message 1 time a day
– all subsribe official accounts and their notifications located in special folder “Subscribtion Accounts”
– you can manage your Wechat official account using chinese web control panel: or mobile control panel in Wechat (Wechat id: weixingongzhong)
All subscribe, service and corporate official accounts located in Contacts
We help to register and setup Wechat official account!
Price 3500 rmb for Subscribe official account.
Price including registration (to your or our chinese company) and first setup (logo, id, intro, welcome message, menu)

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