What to do if some problem with Wechat?
For the first, you need a friend who speaks Chinese, as Wechat all support is in chinese ONLY!
1. Wechat technical support phone 📞 0755-86010333
2. Wechat technical support center website 110.qq.com
3. Wechat id: wechat
4. Hidden menu data recovery:
Click “Add new contact”
Write and send in Search 🔍 code :recover
You will be taken to the data recovery menu in Wechat (in Chinese)
5. Youu can write about your problem in English to official Wechat Facebook page.
6. Or contact at: 💬 support@wechat.com
7. Go to Wechat office in Guangzhou
Any questions about Wechat?
Wechat id: iurlov

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