Lets start use Wechat Wallet in the chinese store! How to pay with Wechat in Chinese shops?
You already have Chinese UnionPay card linked to Wechat Wallet? Nice.
Lets go to 7eleven to buy food without using cash.
Choose some juice and cookies, go to the cashier.
The cashier scans the bar codes of purchases. At this time you open in Wechat “+”, “Money”, “Pay vendors” and show the QR code to the cashier, he scans it. You confirm payment, enteriring the payment password.
Now, cookies with juice yours! You irresistible!
If you have smartphone with NFC, you can to buy food wwithout QR code scaning. Just simple attach smartphone to the POS terminal. Then, enter the payment password and you’re done!
Any questions about Wechat?
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