When you connect any new Wechat functions – in the main window there are come new accounts-folders:
— assistant blue folder “Subscription accounts” Appears when you start to follow the first subscription or official account
assistant folder File transfer. Appears the first time you use the Windows version of Vichat
— assistant blue folder “QQ mail”. Appears if you have linked qq email. Then you will receive new email to this folder
— assistant orange folder “Service message”. Appears if for example you have not linked banc card or some other reminders
— assistant folder Tencent News.
— official account Wechat Help Wechat id: wechat
— official account for Wechat coupons. Appears when you first received the coupon
— official account of advertising in Wechat. Wechat id: ad_helper
— official account about Wechat security. Wechat id: mphelper
— official account Wechat Pay
— official account about Wechat stickers. Wechat id: wxsticker
— official account about function “Shake” Wechat id: shakearound
— official the account about Wechat phone Book app. Wechat id: iwxdhb
— official account about using Wechat. Wechat id: wechatviews
— official account for Wechat developers, Wechat id: hidden. You can ask us for QR code.
— official account about Broadcast Messages. Appears after made 1 mailing.
— official account about Wechat Wi-Fi. Wechat id: wewifi_op
— official account Wechat Blog. Wechat id: wechatblog
— official account – Counting steps without a fitness tracker. Wechat id: werun
!!!Wechat official
Any questions about Wechat?
Wechat id: iurlov

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