Many foreigners have the same very popular problem in Wechat: they have google maps inside Wechat. But google blocked in China, so maps not work in Wechat. Sad. Any solution? Yes! Few: So how to change?
1. Try change wechat system language to chinese, then restart smartphone.
2. Use Wechat cmd panel
Find folder “File Helper” (wechat id: filehelper
Then write message:
//sosomap – switch standart (google) maps to Soso maps (Tencent maps)
//googlemap – switch Soso maps to google maps
3. If nothing work.
Download chinese map applications to your smartphone:
Baidu maps
4. Wechat official accounts with real time map inside:
Wechat id: go2map (карты Soso)
Wechat id: gaodeditu (карты Amap)
Wechat id: baidu_map
Wechat id: sosostreetview
We recomend first 2.
Any questions about Wechat?
Wechat id: iurlov

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