Wechat Out – new features! Call to mobile number in Wechat

May 2016

Wechat Out – new Wechat features for make call to mobile numbers!

You can pay for calls use your Wechat wallet!

WeChat Out is only available for users outside of Mainland China. Currently, the feature is live in the United States, Hong Kong and India, and will cover more countries and regions in the near future.

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Wechat launched own bank – Webank

May 2016

Wechat launched online Bank Webank
Expanding services within Wechat, Wechat now provides loans directly from inside the app.
In the case of confirmed credit, the money to be sent to Wechat wallet.
Maximum limit is 200000 rmb.
The service works only for mainland Chinese.

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Record data Wechat Pay because Red packets

Feb 2016

Record data Wechat Pay because Red packets

Hunbao 红包 – thats ald chinese tradition to make money gift in special red packets for some important events. Now this tradition move to mobile phone to Wechat!
And moving very successfully!
On this Lunar New Year’s Eve alone, over 8 billion Red Packets were sent and received by 420 millions users. This represented eight times more than last year’s holiday.

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Wechat celebrate 5 years 21 january 2016

Jan 2016

Wechat – is the best application in the world celebrate 5 years 21 january 2016
During these 5 years the application has undergone drastic changes, and of course the explosive growth to 670 million users!
!Wechat history2
Interesting facts from Wechat history:
1. The initial WeChat team was just 8 guys!
2. At the time of initial development the iPhone had not even been officially released in China
3. The number of people with smartphones and broadband in China was less than 10 million
Bellow, infographic documenting exactly how WeChat has grown over the years:
!Wechat history-full

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Wechat wending mashines in China

Jan 2016

Vending machines Wechat — its reallity in China now!
Payment system Wechat Pay actively goes offline.
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Working vending machines Wechat just easy: scan Qr code snack, which you want, then pay use your Wechat wallet, then door will open automatically!

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