Cannot login to PSN chinese Playstation 4 China error NP-38496-0

Nov 2019

Did you buy a PS4 in China because of the low price or just live here?
When you try to log in to PSN, there is such an error:
Cannot use this account with this PS4 (NP-38496-0).
All Chinese consoles are locked on the region.
You can only enter the Chinese PSN!
Dont worry! I will help you!
Pay for my service 500 rmb or 70 USD
Send login and password from your PSN account.
I’ll email you file. Copy file to USB flash drive and install on PS4 according to my instructions.
Ready, everything will work!
Now you can login to PS4 with any PSN account!
Alex Iurlov
+79268278273 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
Wechat id: iurlov

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Apartments in Guangzhou for rent! Alex Iurlov your agent

Aug 2019

Apartments in Guangzhou for rent! Alex Iurlov your agent

Hi! I am Alex Iurlov, your real estate agent in Guangzhou.
I start to love this city from first day, and enjoing to live in Guangzhou already for 5 years! I rented apartments in China many times and i understand, how is stressfull and not easy. My friends and colleagues involved to this business and together we are ready to help expats in Guangzhou to find good apartments for happy live in China! Yea!
Now i am posting fresh offers every day there:
I have a lot of different apartments in Zhujiang New Town or Haizhu district. Sometimes other locations.
Looking for an apartment in Guangzhou? Message me!
(or please recommend me to your friends, if they need)
Alex Iurlov
+79268278273 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
Wechat id: iurlov

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Guangzhou places – new Wechat mini app about Guangzhou

Aug 2019

Guangzhou places – new Wechat mini app about Guangzhou has arrived! Check it out!
Open Wechat and scan QR code:

What is inside?
Catalog with tourist places in Guangzhou!

Every place have name, discription, photos, address and location on the map!

Then can open map (Baidu, Amap,etc) and buit way to go!
Also in this Wechat mini program have BLOG and list of my offers (my services and paid consultation – in case you need)

In addition, you can share to your Wechat friend.

Tourst places in Guangzhou in one app – this Wechat mini app!
I will keep develop! Stay tuned!
Alex Iurlov entrepreneur
+79268278273 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
Wechat id: iurlov

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I help to register chinese company WFOE quickly!

Jul 2019

I help to register chinese company WFOE quickly!
I help to register chinese company WFOE quickly!

I help to register chinese company WFOE quickly!
Usually company registration in China is a very long process, which takes from 6 to 12 months.
Collect a package of documents, find a office for rent, open a Bank account.
Every little thing takes a very long time. And time is money!
In China, there are several cities with special economic zones,
where there are simplified rules for the registration of Chinese companies to foreigners.
We are located in Xian and are engaged in chinese companies registration and accounting support.
We will register company in China for you in 30 days.
After that, we issue an invitation and you fly out of China.
Next, you need to fly to Xian for 14 days for registration of Work permit card and work residence permit (for 1 year).

This document will allow you to:
– to live in peace and not worry about your status in China
– live continuously, do not leave China
– get a Bank card without problems
– pass the border through the electronic gate E-channel
– no need to go to the local police station after each entry to China and check in
The whole procedure from the beginning to the end will take only 60 days!
Price – 3990 USD for a full range of services!

We will register chinese company WFOE
Wholly foreign owned enterprise
You can choose consulting or trading company
(with export-import license)
The company opens for 30 years
The minimum authorized capital is 100000 rmb.
This amount must be paid within 30 years.
We provide a legal address and accounting services.
We will open bank account in ICBC Bank (USD + RMB)
The company on the simplified form of taxation.
With a turnover of up to 5 mln rmb per year = 3% tax on turnover. More than 5 mln rmb per year = 6%.
Corporate income tax in China is 25%
Also can register company on the standart system of taxation.

You will also receive Work permit card
You can also get a social insurance card
(if you will pay salary to yourself and taxes on it)
Any documents? You will be required:
– payment 3990 USD
– passport, notarized and translated
– diploma bachelor’s degree, issued at least 2 years ago, translated and legalized
– police clearance certificate from the Consulate
– summary in English and Chinese

Our visa center is located in Xian, Shanxi province
in the innovation Park of technologies “Silk Road”
It is a free trade zone in the new economic development area of Xixian
We can rent an office to you here 20 m2 for only 7000 rmb per year!
Professional, competent service!
I am Alex Iurlov i live in China 5 years. I have chinese wife.
And good partners, who offer fast legal services in China.
I also knows a lot about chinese documents, which can make your life in China more easy!
Message me right now!
+79268278273 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
Wechat id: iurlov

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30 usd – access to business lounge in any airport. My new service

Jul 2019

Do you want to relax in airport business lounge before your flight?
Visit my website:
Dragonpass is the program for access to more than 1200 business lounges around the world. Expect a comfortable flight!
– comfortable chairs and sofas
– food, snacks, drinks and alcohol
– newspapers/magazines
– access to PC with a printer/scanner
– massage or massage chairs
– toilet and shower
Options depend on the specific lounge.
For whom?
– You’re flying economy class
– You do not have a Priority Pass card or another lounge card with paid membership
– You do not have a top-level airline card (such as Aeroflot Elite, etc)
Value above the price!
Access fee is 210 rmb or 30 usd
It is 2 times cheaper than at the entrance
to any business lounge!
And it’s cheaper if you have a Priority Pass card with paid passes.
You can buy access using:
Wechat, Alipay or Visa bank card

How it works?
Pay and give me information.
Then I send you a screenshot with the reservation number (electronic pass).
At the entrance to lounge just show screenshot and boarding pass.
3 hours of relaxation begin!
Pass is discharged to a specific lounge and a specific person.
Pass is valid for 90 days (but only for the specific lounge )
No refund or exchange is possible.

From you need:
date of departure
departure airport , terminal
name and surname
If you know lounges, tell me which one do you prefer.
If no – i will send a list of lounges for choose.
Alex Iurlov – russian entrepreneur.
I am doing business already 10 years.
I live in China since 2014, last 4 years in Guangzhou.
I am a blogger and traveler, so i know the value of comfort.
Dragonpass – is my best offer for you!
Visit my website:
+79268278273 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)

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Russian freelancer: web-sites, promo in China and Russia

Dec 2017

Russian freelancer Alex iurlov: Experience over 9 years
Focus: WordPress developer, advertising in China and Russia

Hi! I am Alex Iurlov, serial entrepreneur from Russia. Since 2014 i live in China, Guangzhou. 9 years experience of promotion of my own b2b, b2c companies let me offer to you usefull freelance services.
As freelancer i offer:
1. Wechat official account – Registration and setup
2. Wechat Shop (Weidian) – Registration, setup, add goods
3. Taobao Shop – Registration, setup, add goods
4. Alipay Wallet – Registration and verification
5. I WordPress developer: i can create web-site for you on WordPress CMS: landing page, corporate web-site, personal web-site, online shop
Also i can make chinese web-site using Hongkong hosting. I know DedeCMS.
6. Youku and Tencent Video – Registration, setup, translate and upload video.
7. Promotion in russian internet: Yandex, Vkontakte, Avito, 2GIS, etc.
8. I can register for you chinese company in Shenzhen city.
9. I can make 3D plan of your flat/office
10. I can make slide-show video
11. Networking: i will increase your connections in Linkedin, Internations
12. Strong online marketing, SMM

My paid consultation:
– APEC Business Travel Card: what is it and how to get
– I am the expert of Line messenger and KakaoTalk messenger
– About MBA in Asia: CEIBS and HKUST
– How to find job in China
– China for newcomers
– My travel and live experience: Russia, China, Maldives

Alex iurlov
+79268278273 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
Wechat id: iurlov
My web-site iurlov (dot) com

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Fresh statistics about Wechat users

Sep 2016

Fresh statistics about Wechat users according to Tencent 21 March 2016
— 70% Wechat users spend 100 rmb per month on Wechat
— News from Wechat official accounts more popular than TV and web sites
— 61% Wechat user opens up Wechat 10 times a day
— 28% Wechat users have over 200 friends. It’s 2 times more than 2 years ago.
— 61,4% of users check “Wechat moments” every time when open Wechat
— 67,5% Wechat users — men
— 32.5% – women
What type of content like Wechat users in “Moments”?
50,7% photo
50% text
45.2% short video
22,3% article
Infographic prepared especially Wechat World Team.

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Wechat presented WeChat Enterprise app for business – Wechat Work 企业微信

Jun 2016

Wechat Work 企业微信 – this is messenger (NOT Wechat) for the any chinese company and its employees.
Wechat Work is made in order not to mix personal life with work. Includes many modules to work with, more on that below.
The app is available not only in Chinese, but also in English! That’s nice.
You can create a Wechat Work account and communicate with friends/customers from Wichat. But everything in order!
To register, you must have a Chinese company.
For full-fledged work it is necessary to download documents for verification and to pay 300 rmb (for annual audit).
The control panel looks like this:

After verification of the company, you can add users.
First, I sent an invitation to my regular Wechat account.
App Wechat Work have 4 tabs at the bottom:

In order to add contacts outside the Wechat Work application, and contacts of the usual Wichat, you need to pass personal verification. I downloaded the scan. your passport and the contract with China Mobile (please provide the Bank. statement or phone bill).
Wechat Work also has a PC client

And now about functions.
Your Personal wechat Work account has no limit on the number of contacts (Wechat has a maximum of 5000 people).
And as already wrote, you can easily communicate with friends/customers from Wechat.
The Wechat Work app includes:
— messenger 1 in 1 as Wechat (but its other app)
— task Manager to-do sheets
— appointment of meetings
— calendar
— votes
— cloud storage (100 GB free)
— collector of mail (I linked Yandex email)
— create groups of up to 2000 people!
— Wechat Pay (for companies)
— Wechat red envelopes (for employees only)
— Wechat corporate Wechat official account
This one is mine corporate Wechat official account:

To add, you need to enter a phone number. But before that, I have to add you to the system.
Only after that you will receive news from the corporate Wechat official account.
That’s it! So far, just mastering Wechat Work.
From first experience, it is surprising how fast the application works, as well as integration with the usual Wechat.
Are you interested?
Add me in Wechat Work:

Alex Iurlov entrepreneur
+79268278273 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
Wechat id: iurlov

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Wechat for Windows version 2.1

Jun 2016

News from Wechat Blog:
1 june 2016 avalible new version of Wechat for Windows 2.1
Whats new?
1. Place voice and video calls within group chats
2. Now you can send files 4 times as large with the new files size limit increase from 25 MB to now 100MB!
3. Experience the newly designed look of your chat bubbles
4. Enjoy improvements to the embedded browser for a better user experience.
So, Tencent going to make Wechat PC version with more features.
Download there link

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