About our project Wechat World
Hi! I am Alex. I will tell you how i start this project. A lot of friends ask how to open Wechat official account and Wechat shop. Then i start learn all information about Wechat and Tencent. My chinese girlfriend Grace have already 2 years expirience about Wechat official accounts management. She very help me to grow business. Project Wechat Helper was born in Guangzhou 7 january 2016 when i created web-site www.wechat-help.com in just few days. Very soon we get first customers, and then we have a lot of customers. In may 2016 i maked dicision to create new web site www.wechat-world.com for share my knowledge about Wechat with people. Now i develop this web-site, writing more article about Wechat and making big promotion about our services. Also i created Wechat official account Worldpromo for post some usefull information about secret Wechat tips and fresh news!
Have any questions or offers? Email to us: alex@iurlov.com / Wechat id: iurlov

Any questions about Wechat?
Wechat id: iurlov

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