Wechat today’s most advanced in technical terms messenger that combines social network, payment system, browser and platform for sales of goods within the same application.
And it’s like $ 670 million users worldwide! Mostly Asian, of course, because Wechat was born here in China in Tencent, which is the main competitor of Alibaba group.
Wechat (Weixin 微信) starts in 2010 with 8 people team.
First version of Wechat 1.0 was published 21 january 2011.
Gradually acquiring new features, the messenger found a love of Chinese users.
Very fond of the Chinese the function of sending voice messages in Wechat.
Anyway, I must pay tribute to the developers of Wechat has brought a huge amount of features that have never been before in messengers and social networks.
Fresh features, fast application – the success of Wechat have hundreds of millions of users!
Currently, the Wechat team promotes and introduces its application in the following countries: China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Italy, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and India.
Priority region for development is Wichita South Africa (Nigeria), but while the growth of users in the region is low.
And the management of Wechat – Tencent not interested in the development Wechat in Russia yet.
Brief history of the application Wechat
Wechat 1.0 – 21 january 2011
Barebones application. Can only send text and pictures.
March 2011 Group chats, search and hyperlinks added. + emoji
Wechat 2.0 – may 2011
Added: Voice messaging, video and “People nearby”
Wechat 3.0 october 2011
First appearance of shake feature. Drift bottle feature added.
English language version.
Appearance of the rabbit Tuzki, ported later also to Facebook!
Wechat 3.5 – december 2011
Starts to push QR codes in Wechat.
Weixin breaks 100 millions registered users!
Wechat 4.0 – april 2012
Added feature “Moments” Quickly becomes hugely popular.
International version of Weixin launched under the name Wechat
july 2012
Video calls. Web browser version launched.
august 2012
Official accounts platform launched
september 2012 – 200 millions registered accounts!
december 2012 – 300 millions registered accounts!
Wechat 4.5 – february 2013
Live chat added.
murch 2013 – 195 millions monthly active users!
june 2013 – 236 millions monthly active users!
Wechat 5.0 – august 2013
New features:
– bank card linking
– games center
– “Favorites”
– sticker store
– subscription accounts now grouped in 1 folder
september 2013 – 272 millions monthly active users!
december 2013 – 355 millions monthly active users!
february 2014 – Weixin 1.0 for MAC released
Weixin Lucky money becomes popular 4,8 million Weixin users participate over Chinese New year
Wechat 5.2 – march 2014
Life services added: taxi hailing, movie tickets, wealth management, phone credits and shopping services.
15 july 2014 Wechat team lauched own blog Chatterbox. Before Blog was at Tumblr platform.
396 millions monthly active users!
June 2014 – 438 millions monthly active users!
Weixin Sogou search engine opened
September 2014 г.
Weixin enables payments at offline stores
Enterprise accounts launched for business
468 millions monthly active users!
November 2015 – Wechat Wi-fi launched
December 2015 – 500 millions monthly active users!
Wechat 6.1 – january 2015
Lauched Lucky money revamped
Weixin 1.0 for Windows lauched. First version Wechat for Windows
February 2015
Wechat wins the Chinese New year Lucky money war with Alipay and Weibo.
A rumooured 200 million bank accounts linked to Wechat!
Murch 2015 – 549 millions monthly active users!
June 2015 – 600 millions monthly active users!
September 2015 – Weixin for Windows 1.5 Added voice and video calling.
Wechat 6.3.5 – september 2015
Group video calls added.
21 january 2016 – 5 years!
Any questions about Wechat?
Wechat id: iurlov

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