Wechat presented WeChat Enterprise app for business – Wechat Work 企业微信

Wechat Work 企业微信 – this is messenger (NOT Wechat) for the any chinese company and its employees.
Wechat Work is made in order not to mix personal life with work. Includes many modules to work with, more on that below.
The app is available not only in Chinese, but also in English! That’s nice.
You can create a Wechat Work account and communicate with friends/customers from Wichat. But everything in order!
Site: work.weixin.qq.com
To register, you must have a Chinese company.
For full-fledged work it is necessary to download documents for verification and to pay 300 rmb (for annual audit).
The control panel looks like this:

After verification of the company, you can add users.
First, I sent an invitation to my regular Wechat account.
App Wechat Work have 4 tabs at the bottom:

In order to add contacts outside the Wechat Work application, and contacts of the usual Wichat, you need to pass personal verification. I downloaded the scan. your passport and the contract with China Mobile (please provide the Bank. statement or phone bill).
Wechat Work also has a PC client

And now about functions.
Your Personal wechat Work account has no limit on the number of contacts (Wechat has a maximum of 5000 people).
And as already wrote, you can easily communicate with friends/customers from Wechat.
The Wechat Work app includes:
— messenger 1 in 1 as Wechat (but its other app)
— task Manager to-do sheets
— appointment of meetings
— calendar
— votes
— cloud storage (100 GB free)
— collector of mail (I linked Yandex email)
— create groups of up to 2000 people!
— Wechat Pay (for companies)
— Wechat red envelopes (for employees only)
— Wechat corporate Wechat official account
This one is mine corporate Wechat official account:

To add, you need to enter a phone number. But before that, I have to add you to the system.
Only after that you will receive news from the corporate Wechat official account.
That’s it! So far, just mastering Wechat Work.
From first experience, it is surprising how fast the application works, as well as integration with the usual Wechat.
Are you interested?
Add me in Wechat Work:

Alex Iurlov entrepreneur
+79268278273 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
Wechat id: iurlov

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